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Re Jacquelyn Berry

To Whom it May Concern


I have known Jackie for over twenty years as a colleague, client and friend. As such I have found her to be a reliable, dedicated and committed person who gives 100%+ of herself at all times.

She is a trained Dru Yoga teacher and maintains her skills with regular updating.

Jackie is very much a “people person” and gets on well with people on a “one to one” basis and in small groups with genuine enthusiasm and a really caring approach.


Her training and life experiences also allow her to help people in a holistic way and in a caring environment she will be a great asset.

Jackie can bring a great deal to the post outlined in the documentation and in my opinion will quickly become an asset to the organisation.

In my experience she has always behaved with the highest levels of honesty and integrity, again a key attribute in a caring environment.


Yours faithfully

Steve Dungworth

Hi Jacquelyn,



Wishing you total success...xx


I have known Jackie Berry since 2006.  After she trained as a Dru Yoga teacher, Jackie continued to deepen her knowledge and skills by attending many advanced courses at the Dru International Training Centre in North Wales.  She also volunteered as a seminar organiser for many Dru events around the UK.  We worked together frequently, planning and promoting many workshops and conferences.


Jackie has many outstanding qualities.  She is perceptive, intuitive, courageous, and enthusiastic.  She has a passion for helping people.  She has a willingness and capacity “to go the extra mile” for others; it’s this quality that has made a lasting difference in the lives of many people.  Jacqui never gives up.  She is unstoppable.  She believes in herself, and she helps her clients to believe in themselves, too.  




Ned Hartfiel

Dru International Training Centre

                            TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN:-




I met Jackie on a More to Life Course held in London last year.  Jackie and I spent a lot of time together that weekend both of us completing a quite harrowing but eventually rewarding intense course on life skills.  Many people were  consumed with emotions they couldn't cope with but Jackie held out a hand of friendship to the group.  She proved herself to be a kind, competent person who was able to empathise with others, showing a caring side that was also able to motivate and empower, something she appeared to practice herself in her own life.

I do not know Jackie as well as I would like but during that weekend she proved herself to be a kind, caring and honest person who was fun to be with and it is for those reasons that we have kept in contact.


                            Jay Babbage

On 18 Feb 2013, at 16:06, "morten arntzen " wrote:


I am writing this reference for Jacquelyn Berry.


Jackie is an inspirational, committed, persistent and professional trainer/life coach. I used her in for one on one coaching and my former company used her in group sessions.  She exceeded my expectations in both.  




I reached out to her when my physical condition was hampered by major ankle surgery and my mental state by the burden's of running a big, global company and travelling 120 plus days a year.  I needed to improve my work habits to handle lots of stress, improve my exercise regime and change my diet. Jackie's hands on approach and provision of supporting literature to take with me helped me enormously in all 3 areas. I lost weight, became more flexible, much more disciplined and have managed to maintain this performance for a number of years now.  She introduced my to yoga and some smart dietary habits.  She changed my life in a very positive way.



She is very good value, cares about her clients, understands that we are all different and gets results. She also earns her client's respect. She certainly has mine.



I highly recommend her.  



Morten Arntzen.



I want to THANK you for all the wonderful support over the past 3 months.



When I consider where I was in November and compare to where I am now it's simply unbelievable.


I have lost 18lbs and am off all medication!


You are welcome to share my experience with anyone else you feel will benefit from hearing about a success story that I contribute to you, your methodology and above all your enthusiasm! Thank you



John Ryan


From: Shamoon


I met her here in November and was greatly impressed with her wide range of skills in the alternative health area.  Her qualifications speak for themselves but while spending time with her I was impressed with her knowledge of nutrition and ability to advise on what nutrients might be lacking in one's diet.  She juiced for the first ten days of her stay while continuously exercising.  Her determination, perseverance and fortitude to set out what she had come to achieve was more than impressive.  Jackie is very personable and is as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside.


With best wishes




From: Spencer Jane


Cc: Berry Jacquelyn

Subject: Jackie


Good morning , my email skills are limited, however when it comes to judgement, people interaction and life experience I feel very confident and able.


Personally she was extremely important to my break through during my stay, her ability to listen ,work outside the box whilst remaining impartial was paramount to me.


Jackie has enhanced my positive self image and what's important in my life.


thank you


Jane Spencer





Benitatxell, March 10th 2013.



To whom it may concern:



I met Jacquelyn Berry in January 2004 during our mutual 3 week meditation retreat with the DRU organisation in India. 


We became good friends and ended up doing a three year DRU meditation teacher course in Northern Wales plus an extra 3 year postgraduate meditation course called Steps to Enlightenment.


Jacquelyn has also been walking with- me as the leader of- a group along the Camino de Santiago in Northern Spain for 2 years in a row.


She is absolutely passionate to observe and understand people around her and she loves to help others reach their goals in life.


I can recommend her as a great motivator for and to others and good company in a team as she maintains a firm no-nonsense individuality in all kind of complicated situations.





Trudi van Dorp

Dru yoga and meditation instructor.




Feedback from my session with the PR Agent (Melanie)


Jackie, thank you. It was a great

pleasure meeting you. I really enjoyed

our chat, having practiced the sleeping

Technique which helped last night,

Stretched this morning and have drunk

The barley and golden linseed. No-one

Has impacted so immediately on my life!


Do send me your bio and we’ll plug you

When we can.


I hope we can meet up again soon.